During the seventies, Giuseppe Quattrocchi and Elena Camilleri founded the present Quattrocchi Winery, stimulated by the wine tradition of Italy, their homeland.

From the nineties on, the firm administration has been in the hands of Micaela Quattrocchi, their youngest daughter, and her husband Nino Franco who, following their ancestors’ steps of quality excellence and constant modernisation, have started a strategic move by adapting the company to the trends of world viticulture, in order to secure a position in the production both for Argentine and foreign markets.

At present, the third generation, constituted by Débora and Cristian, has incorporated the newest world trends and a permanent specialization at the best academic institutions, as well as laboral experiences around the world. They work with the impulse of youth so that the company will always be the pride of their family.

`"Our mission is to obtain  full satisfaction from wine-lovers from the most demanding markets all over the world."




The 300-hectare vineyards in charge of the whole production extends west from the warm sands of the desert, framed by the imposing Andes Cordillera.

The vineyards occupy a desertic plateau 800 metres above sea level, characterized by cold Winter months and high Summer temperatures, great luminosity and a 200-mm average rain rate, mainly during the Summer season. The land is virgin, permeable and with a great amount of natural humus.

The best winegrowing conditions are based on wide daily thermic amplitude.

The Winery

Among the sand-dunes and in the heart of the farm, lies the winery, with a 60,000-hectolitre capacity and state-of-the-art Italian wine technology that blends with the crafty essence that characterizes the firm. It comprises epoxy-coated concrete tanks, stainless-steel tanks and noble oak barrels.

Our Wines

Our family is fully devoted to the production of
high-quality grapes to obtain premium wines.